Improvement of Sleep: An effect of behavioral weight loss intervention?

Published:April 16th, 2011

Weight management may have a positive impact in the improvement of sleep quality  through the behavioral weight loss intervention, says a study published by the International Journal of Obesity in March 2011.

In this study more than four hundred obese adults were selected and assigned to receive a six-month behavioral weight loss intervention. This weight loss intervention led by behavioral counselors was divided into 22 group sessions and spread over a twenty-six week period. These subjects were instructed to reduce their total caloric intake per day by five hundred calories and were advised to follow the DASH or the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension dietary pattern while having a total of 180 accumulated minute-exercise per week.   Their sleeping pattern and quality were then assessed during this study.

Their findings? Weight management can indeed improve the sleeping pattern in obese subjects. Thus, the researchers recommended that clinicians should try targeting sleep as part of an effective behavioral modification for weight loss management.


International Journal of Obesity;Impact of sleep, screen time, depression and stress on weight change in the intensive weight loss phase of the LIFE study; Elder, C.R., et al.; March 2011


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