Green Tea Extract An Aid for Fat Oxidation?

Published:January 2nd, 2011

Green tea extract can be a great help in your drive for better fat oxidation, the process of burning stored fats into usable energy source, according to a recent study published by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

In this study the researchers selected twelve healthy men to undergo thirty-minute cycling exercise at sixty percent maximal oxygen consumption before and after supplement ingestion.  Another group of eleven healthy men were selected to serve as the control group.  They were asked to have an oral glucose test before and after having the supplementation. Twenty-four hours before the intended physical activity, the subjects were asked to take 3 capsules of either green tea extract or placebo.

The results?

The researchers have discovered that the average utilization of fat to energy during physical activity is increased by seventeen percent when green tea extract supplementation is ingested.  Furthermore, the contribution of fat degradation to the total energy use or expenditure was also significantly increased. Another interesting event in this experiment is the decreased insulin production coupled with increased insulin sensitivity of thirteen percent in both the green tea extract and the placebo group.

The conclusion?

The researchers of this study concluded that green tea extract supplementation can indeed increase in fat burning ability of the body during active exercise.  Furthermore, it can also increase the insulin sensitivity of individual cells resulting into better energy processing and utilization.

However, more studies must be done to know the long-term effect of green tea extract supplementation in physical exertion.

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