Fish Oil Supplementation Increase Metabolic Rate?

Published:February 27th, 2011

Fish oil supplementation may increase lean muscle mass which in turn, may increase metabolic rate, according to a study conducted by a group of researchers from Department of Health Sciences, Gettysburg College, Gettysburg Pennsylvania and published by the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition in October 2010.

In this study, forty-four men and women were recruited and randomly assigned to undergo a six-week treatment with fish oil supplementation or safflower oil. Their baseline metabolic rate and body composition baseline were measure before the study and these parameters were then again evaluated after the six-week treatment.

The researchers’ results? The subjects who received safflower oil treatment had significantly increased in the fat free mass and the subjects who received fish oil supplementation had an increased lean muscle tissue mass.

According to previous studies, lean muscle tissue mass is the greatest determinant of metabolic rate within the body. An increase in the lean muscle tissue mass results in the increase in the basal metabolic rate. With a better basal metabolic rate, more stored energy in the form of fat are burned to usable energy sources resulting in weight loss. However, further studies and clinical investigations are warranted to further prove this fact.

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