Fat Binder Pill Tester – Named Silliest Job Title by the BBC Magazine

Published:April 2nd, 2010

[BBC News] – When a slimming pill company offers a remuneration of £23,750 a year just to eat about 16% more of your food intake (or about an additional of 400 calories) that includes more chocolates, Chinese takeaways, fish and chips, burgers, and pizza, are you going to grab it?

Proactol Ltd calls this hiring as a “Product Testing Associate” to test their clinically tested fat binder and is looking for an ideal candidate who is not on a diet but at least consuming a healthy balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. The job entails to eat more fatty foods while incorporating the fat binder pill on the lifestyle and eating habits. The hiring might potentially be used for future case studies pertaining to weight management programmes.

The interview entails an in-depth questioning of current lifestyles, daily activities, and exercise regimes if any. Daily calorie intake, medical requirements, and other dietary habits are also ascertained if a candidate meets the job description. The job post has been named by the BBC magazine as one of the Silliest Job Titles, though for a few too many, the job description is just ideal and perfect for an average couch potato who wants to earn while sliming down and eat more.

How good is that? Being a guinea pig can sometimes be this good. No need for a change of lifestyle, no additional exercise regimes required, just add on your food intake while taking in on the pill. Though reported by the BBC as one of the “Silliest Job Titles”, it won’t be as silly when you get paid for testing a slimming pill for free, and eat more than you should.

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Review by darnelle noel, June 17, 2011

i would like to be a tester for you ..
do ihave to pay to be a tester??

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