Does Green Tea Truly Affect Body Fat Composition?

Published:September 2nd, 2011

Everybody knows it: green tea = weight loss. However, there is one question that needs to be answered regarding this fact (or is it a fiction?): Does green tea truly positively affect body fat composition?

The prevalence of obesity has dramatically risen in exponential rates within the last few decades. As a result, many scientists were prompted to find an alternative means to modulate the mody weight and the body fat composition. During the last decade, green tea became the star in most studies that aim to research and improve the great number of overweight and obese problems in the global population. The scientists tried to dig the mechanisms of how green tea cause weight loss and confirm its positive effects in the human population.

Currently, the green tea polyphenol has taken the center stage in the scientific community. Many experts are now beginning to believe its anti-obesogenic effect as well as its effect in the body fat balance, metabolism and fat absorption reduction within the body. However, according to a researcher from St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford, Queen’s Lane, Oxford, United Kingdom who published a study in the August 2011 issue of the British Journal of Nutrition, most of the previous scientific studies about the effect of green tea to the body weight and fat composition are biased and mostly inconsistent. Therefore, more evidence is necessary to support the role of green tea in weight reduction and decrease in body fat composition. This warrants further research in the use of green tea and its polyphenols in weight loss.


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