Cirsimarin: The Next Big Fat Burner Medication?

Published:November 26th, 2010

Cirsimarin has been proven to cause effective fat deposition and weight loss in laboratory mice, according to a study published by the International Journal of Obesity in November 2010.

To confirm a previous study published by Planta Medica in December 2005 that had shown the effectiveness of cirsimarin, an active chemical compound from plant extract,  in producing fat-dissolving action against isolated fat tissues, a group of researchers decided to conduct a follow-up study that proves the potency of cirsimarin against abdominal fats of laboratory mice.  In this study, they have injected a daily dose of cirsimarin to a group of mice for eighteen consecutive days.  After which, these mice were killed and their abdominal fat tissues were excised and weighed. The result showed that those laboratory mice that received cirsimarin injection have a significantly greater decrease in the abdominal fat compared to those mice that served as the control group.  Thus, the researchers concluded that cirsimarin is really an effective plant extract in producing decreased weight and increased fat deposition in laboratory mice.  However, further studies must be conducted to prove its safety and effectiveness in human subjects.

Circimarin is an active plant flavanoid extracted from Microtea debilis. According to the aforementioned study published by Planta Medica in December 2005, cirsimarin is twenty times more potent in producing fat deposition and fat dissolution in isolated fat tissues compared to caffeine, a well known substance that can cause lipolysis, or fat burning activity.

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