Caloric Restriction Can Decrease Your Tendency to Blood Coagulation

Published:July 1st, 2011

Patients who had previous history of life-threatening cases of blood coagulation such as thrombotic strokes and heart attacks can rejoice in this new discovery: Restricting the caloric intake can possibly decrease one’s tendency to the occurrence of blood coagulation, says a group of scientists who conducted a study in the obese mice population and published their findings in the June 2011 issue of the journal Thrombosis Research.

For most health care professionals and clinical practitioners, blood coagulation events have always resulted in problematic complications.

In this particular study,a group of obese mice were collected and initially fed with a high fat diet. After which, their diet was switched to a calorie-restricted one. After 6 weeks of continued caloric-restricted eating, their body weight, subcutaneous fat and adipose tissue markedly reduced. Interestingly, with the provision of the calorie-restricted diet, the blood factors responsible for blood coagulation also reduced in level. Reduced inflammation and oxidative stress were also observed.

Thus, the researchers concluded that a calorie-restricted diet can decrease the chances of blood coagulation as well as decrease inflammation and oxidative stress.

However, more clinical investigation is necessary to prove their findings in the human population.


Thrombosis Research; Caloric restriction improves coagulation and inflammation profile in obese mice; Lijnen, H.R. et al.; June 2011


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