Are Dairy Foods and Protein Rich Foods Inducers of Weight Loss?

Published:September 12th, 2011

Increased intake of dairy foods and protein rich foods couple with diet and exercise may be the key to better and more effective weight loss in overweight and obese women who want to lose weight, says a new study published by the September 2011 issue of the Journal of Nutrition.

Weight loss is known to give many health benefits to those overweight and obese patients. However, scientists are now confirming the importance of preserving the lean tissue mass to have a sustained and effective weight loss. Daily physical activity is now known to prevent the loss of lean tissue mass during weight loss.

In this particular study, the researchers tried to determine the weight loss effect of daily intake of dairy foods and protein rich foods to those who are having regular physical activity. They have recruited ninety subjects and divided them randomly into three groups. The first group received a high protein, high dairy diet, the second had adequate protein and medium dairy intake, and the third had an adequate, low dairy intake during the 16-week-course of study. The researchers noted that all their subjects lost significant weight and fat. However, those who belong to the high protein, high dairy group has greater fat loss compared to the other groups and they were able to maintain their lean muscle mass during the entire study. On the other hand, the adequate protein, low dairy group has lost the greatest amount of lean muscle mass compared to the other groups.

Thus, the researchers of this study concluded that having a high protein, high dairy intake during weight loss and physical activity is needed to preserve the lean muscle mass as well as promote effective weight loss. However, further clinical trials involving greater number of study subjects are necessary to establish this fact.


Journal of Nutrition; Increased Consumption of Dairy Foods and Protein during Diet- and Exercise-Induced Weight Loss Promotes Fat Mass Loss and Lean Mass Gain in Overweight and Obese Premenopausal Women; Josse, A.R. et al.; September 2011

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