If you are fighting a weight problem you are not alone. We have found it difficult to find unbiased information about weight loss products, and actionable advice so we created Fat Burners Reviewed.

We feature the most popular fat burners, weight loss supplements and slimming pills and provide objective information about each product. We then open the discussion so that you can provide your own feedback and results you have had with the products. We then sort the products by the review scores, so that you can be sure to make a good decision when buying your next weight loss supplement.

Running such an information rich site is expensive, therefore we fund this site by the sale of some of the fat burners we feature, but you can rest assured that we are impartial, independent, and reviews come from you not us.

You will also find some great articles from our knowledgeable nutritionists and editors which help shed some light onto how fat burners work, their effects, and also scour the news and share whats happening in the world of weight loss.

So, we hope you find this site valuable to you, and hope you will contribute your experience to help make this the ultimate weight loss resource.

Meet The Team

Betsy T – Licensed & Registered Dietitian

Betsy is a veteran of the health-care field working there for more than 12 years and is a registered and licensed dietitian helping patients with chronic renal conditions.

Betsy has a Bachelor of Science in clinical dietetics and also regularly offers counseling for weight-loss programs and healthy heart schemes. Her professional experience also includes diabetes, pediatric nutrition and bariatric nutrition.

In her spare time Betsy loves writing and teaching grade school students math and science.

Dr Ritu G – Certified nutritionist & Doctor

Dr Ritu G is a qualified doctor, and certified nutritionist working in the private sector.
She has been working in the healthcare industry for the last 13 years and is currently working as a physician and dietitian for a private clinic.

Dr Ritu has a passion for writing, and helping patients get in the best shape of their lives through healthy living, and positive dietary changes.
In her spare time Dr Ritu loves to read books, cook various cuisines and travel to different places.

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