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Latest Expert Guides

How to prevent cellulite?

©ozan   Often described as skin with cottage cheese appearance, cellulite though unsightly, is never a serious medical condition. But because of its dimpled, lumpy and uneven texture, many of those affected would rather have it eliminated mainly for aesthetic reasons. Cellulite appears as a result...

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How to Avoid Winter Weight Gain

©johnnyberg The winter season is the time of the year that most people enjoy because of the holidays and the cold weather it brings.  But for some people who want to lose some weight, it is the most difficult time of the year. Of course, holidays wouldn’t be that fun and enjoyable without the delicious...

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Are other people sabotaging your weight loss program?

©milan6 Your weight loss program is an important aspect of your life and should remain so at all times. It is therefore rather unfortunate when this program is interfered with by other people. The norm remains that the people in your life are there because you have chosen to let them be and they are...

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